Frequently Asked Questions


Brifit is a platform that matches top marketing communication talents to businesses to accelerate business growth.
Brifit connects brands to top marketing communications talents to work on projects to accelerate growth. We assign dedicated account managers to brands and talents, a customised dashboard to track project progress to guaranty successful projects.
Signing up on Brifit is free, you only pay upon project review and talent(s) pairing, your payment is based on the full scope of your project and talent(s) required to deliver on the project. Get started here.
Your total payment is refundable only if your project has not been assigned to a talent(s) and begun, a project in progress cancellation will attract a service charge of 25%, 50% or 75% of the total project fee depending on the progress of the project.
A project brief is a simple document explaining your project needs and objectives.


Brifit can connect and pair you with the top marketing talents to deliver on any top-notch marketing communication task, from logo design, brand collaterals, Web development, Strategy, Content development, Social media marketing, Copywriting, Campaign management to Art Directions among other skills.
Only registered users can submit a project brief. Click here to join Brifit. Simply register and submit a project brief, a dedicated account manager will contact on next steps and pair you with top talent(s).
You can have multiple projects worked on at the same time but you have to submit different projects as different project briefs.
You can get paired with as many talent(s) or team as you require to work on your project(s). For a project that requires a single talent, you get paired to one top talents only.
The stated duration inputted when submitting your project brief in all cases, in exceptional cases, when a project is taking longer than expected or an extension has been requested by the talent(s) or project scope changes, you will be communicated to by your account manager in time.
Yes, you can, Talent(s) will be paired to projects based on required skill sets and a chat will be set between you and your talent(s) to review project scope and deliverable. You can only reject a talent after meeting him/her thrice, after the third rejection, your project brief will be deprioritized.
Yes, you can cancel a project, project yet to start will not attract any charges while projects in progress will attract a service fee of 25%, 50% or 75% depending on project progress.
No, you can’t, all communications and feedback are channelled through the account manager to the talent(s) and vice versa.
Yes, you will receive an invoice by email and you can also project payment status in your dashboard.
Providing all important information and sharing all needed brand assets with your account manager will set your project up for success.
You can pay for your project via bank transfer to a dedicated account for brands and share the proof of payment with your account manager.


You can sign up here, we will contact you within 72 hours on the next steps regarding our assessments and requirements to enable us to vet and onboard you properly.
You can get projects by signing up and updating all the information in your profile, including a creative bio, most proficient skills, a top-notch image of yourself and finally being available.
You will be asked a few questions after getting onboarded on your pricing for various task and deliverables, this helps us have an understanding of your personal pricing bracket, we will contact you when the project(s) within your price range comes up and we have negotiated with the client on your behalf.
You will get paid on a project basis, you will receive payment 24hrs after project deliverables are approved by the client.